Sweetchic Holiday Brunch!

Sweetchic Holiday Brunch!

It's the Friday before Christmas... and it truly is my favorite time of year! Of course now that my little team has grown - I went from one assistant in 2010, to three assistants in 2011 - I had to have a Sweetchic Holiday Party! Since everyone's social calendar is so full around the holidays, I decided to host a brunch so as to not compete with any other plans.

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Our Week in Italy: Rome, Part 2

Buongiorno! Truthfully, we were completely underwhelmed by the food in Rome. Restaurants and cafes were everywhere, and yet nearly every restaurant served the same thing. We definitely had a better dining experience in Florence! We were also amazed at how everyone still dines outside (with the help of lots of heat lamps!), despite the fact that it was mid- November and quite chilly!

Dining outside like the Romans.

Lasagna and a white pizza (I like my pizza drenched in tomato sauce, so it was definitely lacking to me)

A beautiful bridge connecting downtown Rome and Vatican City. One of my favorite pictures!

Whenever I visit new cities, I love checking out the markets! Lovely fresh flowers...

Hats galore! Too bad I can't pull off hats at all, but that didn't stop me from trying on a few!

The stunning Piazza Navona!

Oh how I desperately miss the amazing cappuccinos we had every, single day!! Starbucks does not do this drink any justice whatsoever. *sigh* I miss them more than our daily gelatos, haha.

A sunny shot outside the Pantheon. There's my husband looking rather GQ! ;)

The famed Spanish Steps.

A perfect perch for people watching...

Climbed to the top of the Spanish Steps.

A cool glass display inside the Gucci store (we couldn't go to Italy and not check out Gucci!!)

Next up: Florence!

Our Week in Italy: Rome, Part 1

Our Week in Italy: Rome, Part 1

Happy December! Italy has been on my "must visit before we have kids!!" list for as long as I can remember, so I was excited to check this off! We spent 3 exciting days in Rome and 3 magical days in Florence, one of the must beautiful cities I have ever visited.

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