Blow My Cupcake Lovin' Mind...

A few weeks ago, the Sweetchic team was taking a quick break at a wedding, and the conversation turned to cupcakes... and how they EAT their cupcakes. Apparently, I've been missing out! So yesterday I happened to have a client meeting at Molly's Cupcakes, and therefore I had to give this new technique a whirl. Caaaarefully rip off the bottom of the cupcake (or in my case, I prefer to use a knife and cut it) and then smoosh it on top to form a CUPCAKE SANDWICH.

O.M.G. Who knew such a simple maneuver could completely change the way I enjoy my cupcakes?!

How to eat a red velvet cupcake chicago molly mini

How to eat a red velvet cupcake chicago molly mini

Oh, and on a side-note, Molly's has my absolute favorite red velvet cupcakes in Chicago!! Rich and moist with a heaping dollop of the the most divine cream cheese frosting... mmmm, heaven! They also have these mini cupcakes (pictured above) which are the perfect, ladylike size, and only $1. A dollar!!

Now, how do YOU eat your cupcakes? And which cupcakery is your favorite?!