Bees Swarm Vegas 2010, Part II

So where was I? Ah yes, tired from the previous night’s festivities… can I just make a quick note that I spent EVERY day of this trip hopped up on caffeine?! I’m talking 4 cups a day. It’s no wonder I’ve been so sluggish ever since I’ve gotten back - I’ve been reduced to my previous ONE cup a day - talk about withdrawal!


On Saturday morning, e-Harmony (who now owns Weddingbee) hosted a brunch for us at Maggianos. I think this was the only time we had ALL the bees in the same room for pastries and made-to-order omelets. {Pic below borrowed from Sushi, aka Mariko Photo}

In the afternoon, a few Bees braved the Stripper 101 class, which was actually pretty fun(ny). The only problem was that it totally wasn’t worth the $45 we forked over… ah well, when in Vegas, learn to strip, HAHA. Pretzel and I are lookin’ sassy! {Photo borrowed from Corn, aka Limoncello Style}

One of the bees I was most excited to meet was Cookie, aka Colorado planner, Songbird Creative. She brought her Mr.Cookie, and the two of them were just the sweetest couple, not to mention he was such a good sport about all the Bee activities! Here we are at the official Bee Bash at Bellagio’s Caramel Lounge. It was swank, but super pricey! Although we did enjoy our decadent fried mac & cheese…

Roomies all dressed up. Only in Vegas can I sport a pink cheetah-print dress, haha.

CHICAGO BEES, represent! Clockwise: Emerald, Stiletto, Snapdragon and Quiche.


Our final breakfast at the Mirage Cravings buffet. The staff must have hated us – imagine 35+ people milling about, table-hopping and basically just being in the way. It was great. :) And I was pleasantly surprised by the buffet offering… prime rib, beef brisket, shrimp cocktail, dim sum, sushi, pad thai, and kim chi, all for breakfast? I like (of course not everything was good)! And yes, they had all the usual breakfast foods as well…

Dahlia, Emerald, Daffodil & Quiche

Me n’ the Hamster, she’s so cute! And better yet, this woman can EAT and still maintain her lovely figure. Jealous!

Flamingo brought her very cool sister, I had so much fun with them both!

Sunday night after most of the Bees had left, the remaining ones who stayed for the WPPI conference (and myself) ventured out for the Airhorns and Lasers party. That was an interesting ordeal. FIRST of all, the location was kept a secret and everyone was told to go to the MGM to check-in and then ride a bus to the “secret location”. Ok, so a group of us took three cabs over to MGM (evening traffic on the strip was brutal!) and were dropped off at the specific part of the hotel that was released on Twitter. Turns out it was the wrong spot so we had to trek 10 minutes across the hotel to another spot (yes, crossing the hotel takes a LONG time!) and finally got checked in. SECOND of all, it turns out that there were only TWO buses arranged to transport the expected 700+ party goers. Can we say mass stampede whenever a bus pulled up? And a bus only pulled up once every half hour… so an hour passed and we were NOT happy campers, us and the rest of the crowd! We heard murmurings that the party was at Tryst at the Wynn, and being cold, wet (yes, it was raining), and annoyed, we decided to cab it back to the other side of the strip. THIRD, ok, we’re there! Our spirits were a bit deflated, but we’re ready to party… what’s that? There’s NO open bar? But wait, didn’t we pay $55 in advance for entry, with no mention of a cash bar? *sigh*

By this point, I was pretty irritated. The only saving grace was that I ran into a few familiar faces from Chicago, and it was great to catch up with them. And in turn, they introduced me to some other fab Chicago photographers. Very cool. Below are Melissa Diep and Kevin Weinstein.


Yay, it was finally time to go home! I loved my trip, but I was seriously exhausted. Here is my wonderful return trip in a nutshell:

  1. My Southwest flight was at 4pm on Monday, but I decided to head to the airport a few hours earlier in an attempt to catch the 1pm flight. That didn’t work out too well, so I had a LONG afternoon with nothing to do.
  2. I threw $10 into a slot machine and walked away with $56, SCORE!
  3. Eventually after a wee bit of a delay, my plane was headed home to Chicago around 5pm.
  4. About 2 hours into the flight, there was an announcement saying that Midway Airport was closed due to excessive fog, and we had to turn around and head back to Vegas. *CRY* 4 hours on a plane and I was exactly where I started!
  5. Since this was “mother nature’s” fault, Southwest was not compensating anyone for hotel rooms. I debated staying at the airport for 8 hours until my 6:30am flight, but Borton wasn’t too keen on that idea.
  6. So I got myself a $60 room at the Doubletree with free 24-hr airport shuttle and spent a lonely night, ate some icky Applebees (the only restaurant within walking distance), and slept 4 or 5 hours before I woke up in a panic wondering if I missed my flight.
  7. But all was well, I headed back to McCarran Airport, and my flight was on-time. Phew!
  8. Landed at Midway, but luggage was on the next flight in, had to go back later to pick it up.
  9. Nice friend Chris came and picked me up so I didn’t have to brave the train home in my spring jacket and flip flops.

Final thought: I should have gone home on Sunday! I had the BEST time Thursday – Sunday. And yes, all of the Bees I met are truly as cool in “real-life” as their online personas!