Back to Blogging!

You might have noticed, but I'm trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon! The Sweetchic blog was sadly neglected for over 2 months, and after not touching it for so long... it was hard to force myself to write again. And more often than not, I wonder, who the heck reads this thing? But then about two weeks ago, I received the nicest email from a reader named Molly... and I hope she won't mind me sharing it with you!

Subject: Long Time No Blog

Hi Charlene,

Although I got married almost 4 years ago I am a regular follower of your blog.  I have not seen any recent posts and hope everything is okay with you and your family, that you are either very busy with wedding planning or away on vacation.  I'm looking forward to future blog updates.

So Molly, if you're reading this, thank you for reminding me that there are people out there reading my blog! For those of you who are consistent bloggers (especially Mac users!!), do you have any suggestions on how to make the process easier?

And since a post with no pictures is boring, here is a random pic from or recent weekend trip to Milwaukee:

One of the most deeelicious breakfasts I've ever had - a cripsy shrimp, scallop & calamari scramble with tomato sauce and paprika aoli - from Blue's Egg.