What is "Sweetchic"?

We couldn’t find a word that embodied what we love about weddings… so we created our own!

sweet | sweet |

(adjective) delightful, sentimental, precious

chic | sheek |

(adjective) stylish, sophisticated, elegant


Established in 2008, Sweetchic Events is one of Chicago’s favorite wedding and event planning companies. We pride ourselves on being the perfect fit for busy, tech-savvy professional couples who appreciate the finer things and want a chic, memorable wedding… but don’t have the necessary 200+ hours to plan it!

Our mission: help you realize your wedding vision, and bring it to life with expert planning and coordination.


Meet the Team


Charlene Liang, Owner & Lead Planner

Charlene Headshot.jpg

In high school, I was that girl who secretly read wedding magazines in the corner of the library…fortunately, it worked to my advantage!

I founded Sweetchic Events with the goal of bringing your vision to life and making your wedding day even more incredible than you could have imagined. My expertise in weddings goes beyond pretty details. I worked in the hospitality industry for years and received my MBA before starting Sweetchic Events in 2008, and have been a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants for over a decade. I strongly believe in being your advocate, trusted advisor, and design guru throughout the planning process and helping you hone in on what’s most important to you on your wedding day. My past clients appreciate my extensive experience, industry relationships, eye for detail, responsiveness, organization skills, and design aesthetic.

Spending time with my husband & 2 toddlers. Binge-watching TV shows. Listening to audiobooks. Organizing. Brunching. Costco and Target runs. Flowers. Coffee. Sushi. Dessert!

Stinky cheese. Olives. Beer. Vacuuming. Snakes. Scary movies. Rudeness. Intolerance.

Courtney Hart, Wedding Planner

Courtney Headshot.jpg

I'm a hopeless romantic. That, paired with my obsession of organizing and planning, truly paved the path for me to becoming a wedding planner. Design is by far my favorite part of the process, and I gravitate towards classy timeless looks, with a little edge. I love nothing more than translating my couple’s love stories into each detail of their wedding day. On the wedding day, I'm always excited for the 'big reveal', when the couple sees their reception space for the first time, untouched. It's the time the couple can enjoy a moment of stillness and see all that their love created.

I graduated with a B.S in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Roosevelt University with a concentration in Meeting and Event Planning.

Running. Playing outside with my little family. Tattoos. Target's Dollar Section. Cleaning. Dancing. Hard Cider Flights. Autumn. Cats. Concerts. Small towns. Justin Timberlake.

Blimps. Yogurt with fruit in it. Insects. Snow after Christmas. Driving over bridges. Clutter

Kelsey CURRAN, Wedding PLANNER

Kelsey color.jpg

I love the hustle and bustle of a wedding day and all of the painstaking details that go into personalizing a wedding. Not only do I thrive off building the perfect wedding day timeline and orchestrating the 500+ moving parts, but I also love executing the bespoke details and traditions that our couples incorporate into their wedding day. I absolutely love elegant and romantic décor with touches of quirk, plus the addition of a bohemian and vintage vibe.

I graduated with a B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University, and started my career in the Hospitality industry for over 7 years before joining the Sweetchic team.

Watching reality TV. Enjoying the great outdoors. Reading. Tea. Barre Code. Eating delicious donuts.

Clutter. Doing the dishes. Traffic. Scary movies.